Here are some interesting links to other artists, pay them a visit. Nigel Mooney, a great singer and guitar player from my home town, Dublin. Get his new CD, it’s great. Bill McCormack, a great bass player and photographer, he has some nice photos on his web site. Paddy Keenan, they call him the Jimi Hendrix of the Uillean pipes, and that he is. Dan Busler, a nice drummer and family man. Dave O’Rourke, an old guitar playing friend from Dublin, he’s an amazing guitar player and arranger now living in New York, check him out. Hugh Buckley, yet another amazing guitar player friend from Dublin, yes he’s related to Hugh and Michael, also incredible musicians. A very nice site indeed. Pat Metheny, unfortunately I don’t know him, but saw him play a few times here in Boston, one of my favourite guitar players. George Benson, what can I say?, one of the greatest, I learnt an awful lot from this guy. Pat Martino, Mind blowing guitar player. I learnt one or two tricks from him too. Mike Stern, Another genius. Larry Carlton, if you haven’t heard of this guy, I suggest you pick up something by him today, such a sweet tone. Jimi Slevin, yes, another great guitar player from my home town, Dublin, he’s a great inspiration, you’ve got to check out his site. He has some great old photos from the rock era, and you can also download some of his music. Francis Kennedy, I met Francis in Athenry, Galway about 5 years ago. You have to check his site out. Francis is one of Ireland’s leading artists, he does some amazing portraits also, there’s one of Paul McCartney which bares an incredible likeness. Francis is also a guitar player, what a talented guy.




More to come